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Corpus Christi MortgagesLet me tell right up front, you will not consider me to be a very exciting guy.  I am pretty much a normal person, family man with six kids (three children born into our family each are married so that adds up to six) and three grandchildren, a wife and a dog.  Oh, and I do have three grand dogs.  I do not have any exciting or dangerous hobbies, so you might think I am dull or boring. Seriously, I enjoy videography, reading and people; not the activities that make you say "WOW, you're the man" (actually I'm not the "man" I'm "The Mortgage Man").  But I like to travel and am fortunate that my wife of 37 years works for an airline so travel is very affordable.

My career in the mortgage business came by accident.  After studying Mass Communications Radio and Television at Abilene Christian University, I went to work in broadcasting.  This led me into shopping center management and marketing, my first introduction in the real estate business.  Along the way I learned traditional and creative financing.  In addition, I taught real estate classes: contract law; real estate math; and real estate financing.

In 1991 I started originating loans.  Through continuing education I have achieved certification as an FHA Specialist, VA Loan Advisor and Ethical Practices.  My focus goes beyond helping clients "get a loan."  I am their mortgage coach to help them win the mortgage game.  Winning the game is more than closing on the loan; but how to manage your loan in order to save thousands of dollars.  I am available to answer questions after they move into their home and stay in contact with my clients to give information on how to save and manage money.

Over the past 22 years of doing home loans in Corpus Christi, change has been the one constant  in the mortgage industry.  One major shift has been in how lenders view your credit.  For over ten years, and before it was popular, I have helped clients understand the importance of credit and given them strategies on how to improve their credit and be able to get a better loan.  Today it is imperative you understand credit and how to manage it in a way that strengthens your score. For this reason, I educate consumers on the "rules" of getting a home loan and the use of credit.  This helps them to be prepared when they start the process of buying a home.  

I am often asked about the name John The Mortgage Man.  The truth is I did not come up with the name.  I had only been in the mortgage business a couple of years and had a very unique loan.  The clients had tried banks and other mortgage brokers but could not get a loan.  Because of my background in creative financing they were able to close on their home.  After the closing the realtor said, John you are the mortgage man.  It stuck!  Now, 20 years later, I still enjoy helping families finance a home; showing them how to retire debt and helping them build financial stability.

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