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Conventional home loans are the most popular type of home loan; however it is smart to work with a lender who is experienced in conventional loans to give you the best possible rate with low fees. Pretty much any lender can do a conventional loan, but only an experienced lender has the relationships with multiple lenders to get you the best possible terms on a conventional loan program. I’m John the Mortgage Man and I have 22 years of conventional loan lending experience, so you can be assured you won’t find many lenders in Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas that has more experience then me.
Conventional loans are home loan programs that are backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to give lenders more confidence in lending out money. They set the terms that all lenders have to follow. One of the main terms that conventional loans have are they require a 20% down payment. While this tends to be one of the higher down payments that you will find, the interest rates tend to be lowest.
Conventional loan programs are perfect for potential home owners that have saved enough money for that larger down payment. This way if you have the ability to pay that larger down payment you then will more then likely get the lowest possible interest rate. That means you will pay the least amount of money for that home, first because you’ve paid off such a large part of the home’s price with the higher down payment, so the loan will be less and then the interest rate on it will be so low your monthly payments will very low as well.
There are lending limits that you will find with conventional loans, it is $417,000 any where in Texas. That is a high loan limit when you look at the average home price in Texas is $185,400, there will be plenty of homes to choose from in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin and through out Texas.
If you are wondering if a conventional loan is the right home for your situation I can help you see how much you could qualify for. Put my expertise to work, I’ll find you the most competitive conventional loan rates and terms you’ll find anywhere in Texas. To get started try my Purchase Assistant tool on my website and I’ll give you a free rate quote to see how much you can qualify for.


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