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One of my favorite groups of people I like to help in purchasing a home is active duty military and veterans. I take pride in helping them live the dream of home ownership, and helping them take advantage of one of the best home loan program you can find; the VA loan. Here in Texas the military has a huge presence in Corpus Christi there is Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, in Austin there is Camp Mabry and in San Antonio there is Joint Base San Antonio the largest military base in the US, just to name a few. With that there are many veterans who could use the VA loan to purchase a home.
So what makes a VA loan so special? The biggest advantage is that it lets you purchase a home for no money down. You won’t find too many home loan programs that offer that kind of advantage. The VA loan was created by the Veterans Administration to let more veteran purchase a home, and with the advantage of not having to worry about generating a down payment, it doesn’t get much easier then that. In my many years of lending, I’ve seen generating down payments being one of the biggest roadblocks that have stopped people from own home. If you qualify for a VA loan that is no longer a worry.
Beyond the huge advantage of not having a down payment, the financial requirements are some of the most favorable that you will find with any other home loan program. In fact majority of people, who would qualify for a VA loan, would not qualify for a conventional loan program. There is a lot less paperwork and fees that are normal with conventional loan programs which will save you tons of money. Then on top of that VA loan rates tend be on par with the lowest conventional loan rates. When you add this all up you can see that a VA loan can get you in a home easier and for less money then pretty much any other home loan program.
There are of course limitations, the VA set up minimum eligibility requirements of military service that you would have to meet. You can contact me to see if you would qualify for those minimum eligibility requirements. There is also a lending limit with a VA loan; through out Texas that loan limit is $417,000. When you look at average home prices through out Texas like in Corpus Christi $108,300, San Antonio $159,900 and Austin $285,000 there will be plenty of homes that would qualify for the VA loan.
So if you are currently serving or have served in the military and are thinking about purchasing a home, then you need to take a look at VA loan. It could be the answer for your home loan needs. To see how much you can qualify for simply use my Purchase Assistant tool for a free rate quote.


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